Camryn Obscura

I’m Camryn Obscura. I am a sex worker, queer, fat, disabled, an activist, and a transgender weirdo. I’ve been working publicly as a bootblack for the past 5 years, but worked for a year on my own before that. I am self-taught but have had some mentors in my process, yet it has consistently been my own journey. Bootblacking is the closest thing to spirituality for me. It helps focus me, grounds me, and keeps me observant. It’s all about the service to the leather for me, which is where the spirituality comes in. It allows me to focus on only the leather, which keeps me mindful, and at the end I have a physical representation of the process–a beautifully shined piece of leather. Beyond that, bootblacking has also been therapeutic for me, helping me maintain my identity and presence in the leather community after surviving abuse. I’ve been able to safely explore my identity and service in the leather community through bootblacking. At this point in my journey, I feel ready to provide these services to the greater leather community in addition to being a titleholder.



In cold, snowy, rural areas, maintenance of leather is a crucial part of daily life. Younger than she can even remember, Kenzi learned to weatherproof and condition gloves and boots from her mom, and polish shoes and boots from her veteran father.

After over a decade of kink life, she finally found a welcoming home in women’s leather, through a bootblack connection. Y’all have saved her many times over without knowing it, and now she’s just happy to serve the community back… and to get to black some hot boots.


Victoria Bootblack

Victoria is a mouthy, unapologetically black, and highly-opinionated baby bootblack. Though fairly new to the leather community, she is long acquainted with general deviance and prurient behavior. Hobbies include: talking shit at the bootblack stand at SF Eagle, shouting into the void about racial injustice and/or the patriarchy, and forcing people to participate in lap-dance contests. She is an active member of a whole bunch of Leather organizations including SF girls of Leather and SF Bay Area Bootlab, for whom she organizes a monthly community event.

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