Lance Holman

Lance Holman has been a San Francisco Bay Area resident for over 20 years and began his leather journey in the heart of the Castro. Lance holds the title of Mr. San Francisco Leather 2010, Mr Powerhouse Leather 2010 and also enjoys the honor of being named International Mr. Leather 2010 First Runner Up. He also was selected Leather Alliance 2010 Man of the Year for his active support and work in the kink community. He believes in the virtues of Honor, Passion and Pride and continues to share these qualities through playful compassion and wreaking divine pleasure.When he is not playing, he is involved in a number of community activities. This has included being a founding member and treasurer of Onyx Northern CA/Northwest chapter, production of Leather Walk in conjunction with Folsom Street Events, serving on the executive board for the AIDS Emergency Fund board, Serving on the board for the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund board, and producing a monthly event to foster positive sexual interaction in addition to supporting organizations such as Leather Pride Contingent, Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, AIDS Lifecycle and Toys for Tots, He also has emceed or served as a judge for events such as International Leather Sir/Boy, the San Francisco Leather Alliance weekend, Northern California Leather Sir/boy, Palm springs Leather, Mr Powerhouse Leather, and the Black Coalition on AIDS. and other events across the US.


Alotta Boutté

Alotta Boutté is an international cabaret and burlesque sensation. Hailing from the nightclubs of San Francisco, she serves up sweet lyrical somethings that titillate your eyes and tantalize your ears.

Ms. Boutte has been a featured performer at Tease-O-Rama, the Burlesque Hall of Fame, the New York Burlesque Festival, Helsinki Burlesque Festival, Stockholm’s Hootchy Kootchy Club and in Margaret Cho’s Sensuous Woman. She has shared the stage with the biggest and brightest in burlesque and cabaret. Recently, she starred as the Chanteuse in the Mugler Follies in Paris. She currently resides in San Francisco and is part of the world’s longest running musical revue, Beach Blanket Babylon. She was the last recipient of the Bay Area Leather Alliance Entertainer of the Year award (2010).