2020 Mr SF Leather Judges


Amp Somers

Mr Friendly SF 2019

Amp Somers is a blogger, sex worker, and activist. He produces the YouTube channel “Watts The Safeword” with guests of all abilities, backgrounds, experiences and kinky lifestyles to destigmatize topics on sex. He’s a fulltime designer at Mr S Leather and as Mr Friendly SF 2019, Amp makes sex education fun and accessible, while using his platform to discuss stigma and advocate for freedom of expression. The world can be a scary place, but Amp does what he can to make sure we are all a little more Friendly.


Danny Nguyen

Danny Thanh Nguyen is a writer and founding member of the Northwest chapter of ONYX, a leathermen of color fraternity. For over 15 years he has worked in HIV services, health and racial equity, as well as building local and national nonprofit organizations for LGBTQ+ and POC communities. Danny received a 2019 individual artist grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission for his book of personal essays about parallel survivalism between Southeast Asian American refugees and queer leather culture in the post-AIDS epidemic era. Danny runs a social media persona project he calls “Sluterary Thirsterature” on Instagram: @engrishlessons. He is a whip enthusiast and Mother of the GearUp Weekend Runway show.


Doriam Couto

Mr SD Leather 2018

boy Doriam is a Leatherman who’s been engaged as an activist and educator in his local community since 2015. As Mr. San Diego Leather 2018, Doriam’s platform, #LetsWalkTogether, advocated for People of Color, Leatherwomen, Transfolks, and anyone who felt alone because of something they had no control over.

In 2019 he was awarded “Man of the Year” during the SD Leather Community Awards, and has earned his Orange Service Hanky as a volunteer for International Ms. Leather & Bootblack in 2018 and 2019. Volunteerism and an willingness to learn and share stories, history, and knowledge are all important parts of Doriam’s personal Leather Path which he tries to instill in his family and community.

In Service, Doriam Couto #LetsWalkTogether


Estefan Retiz

Mr Bolt Leather 2019

Mr Bolt Leather 2019 Estefan Retiz aka Service Pup Estie is a bartender at the Bolt Bar. Also a member of Queer Leather Association Sacramento and a seat on the bored running beer bust and fundraising. He loves being of service to his community (in more ways then one) volunteering for CGNIE Sacramento and fundraising to local charities. When not rolling around with his fellow puppies you will probably find him hosting new events to bring people together to expand our knowledge/experiences. Flags yellow left pocket, puppy white on the right.



International Ms Leather 2019

Haley is an indecent indulgent diverse verse and a veritably dapper dyke. She is a self-described leather dyke, who rides the line between Butch and Femme. She originates from California currently hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. She can be found traveling, teaching, and being a bad ass player in the dungeons.

Haley is the creator of the Wallflower project, which is dedicated to bringing awareness to those on the fringes as well as those who are seeking space in the community. If you see somone wearing one of the wallflower hankies please take a moment and introduce yourself.

Some of her favorite things to discuss, demo and teach are fire play, needles/blood play , rough body play, stomping, cigars and electro play.

Haley currently holds the title of International Ms. Leather 2019. She also held the title of Ms. San Francisco Leather 2018



Mr SF Rubber 2018

Nico has publicly been in the Fetish community since moving to SF in 2016 and before that privately in North Texas since 2012. Serving as Mr. San Francisco Rubber 2018 and First Runner Up at MIR 22, Nico is one of the founding members of San Francisco Bay Area Rubber, a 501(c)3 dedicated to the promotion of rubber fetish in the Bay Area inclusive of all persons. Nico’s stance on fetish has been “Kink ‘n’ Color,” wanting to increase the use of color in fetish gear while also promoting truly inclusive spaces. Due to his love of the larger than life and bold, Nico enjoys strutting through bars in his rubber and heels, reveling in moments of exhibition. You can find Nico in cafes and in parks, enjoying single-origin coffees, non-fiction books, video games, and house DJ sets.


Krystal Kade

Ms Alameda County Leather 2015

Krystal Kaycee Pup is a SF Bay Area puppygirl and self identified tomboy femme. During her 5 years of service to the community she has served on the boards of both The Exiles and ACLC, and has held the title of Ms. Alameda County Leather 2015. You’ll often find her teaching pet play classes with her Ma’am, or happily hustling about the local dungeons (or, let’s face it, anywhere) for various event volunteering. She now serves on the board of the SF Bay Area Leather Alliance as an Individual Director.