2020 SF Bootblack Contestants



Jessie is a black queer leather boi with a hint of femme who finds contentment in the crafting and care of leather. Jessie is a shoeshine by day and at night she bootblacks at your favorite Leather bars. Delighted by the bloodiest of things, she enjoys trying to escape, but knives and needles get her eager to please. She yearns to make “passion” a saturated verb.


Unicorn Boy

Unicorn boy, or U.b., is a bootblack - bootslut - leather boy - with a penchant for all things service. U.b. can be found volunteering for virtually any event they show up to, bootblacking on the back patio of the SF Eagle, or caught in some compromising position in a dirty back alley of SOMA. His drive to grope as much leather as possible within his lifetime has led to his passion and number one perversion being boots. Whether it be projects at home, at a stand in a bar, alongside a rockstar lineup of bootblacks at Folsom, birthing a bevy of baby bootblacks from his leathery loins, or licking his Sir’s boots clean after having come on them…. boots breathe life into this Unicorn, and bootblacking is the most joyous way for them to love on the community that he finds a home in.

2020 Mr SF Leather Contestants


Trey Onyx

President, Onyx Northwest

Sometimes affectionally referred to as Dude Complex, Trey Onyx has been a longtime volunteer and advocate for the LGBT+ community at large. He initially established his own leather roots by volunteering his time with the Knight Hawks of Virginia. With the support and early guidance of the Knight Hawks, his personal journey into Leather commenced. In the Bay Area, Trey was a past member and volunteer for the Alameda Country Leather Corps. Before retiring as a veteran of the United States Coast Guard, he was a forerunner in his career as one of the first black trans men within the Coast Guard. He helped pave the way for other Coast Guard Members that identified as LGBTQ+ were serving, by coordinating various events such as speaking panels and a variety of official Coast Guard Pride festivities. Early on, he had decided to use his position within the various communities to elevate the voice of others by becoming a featured speaker for the LGBTQ Speakers Bureau, as well as continuing his role of being a longtime outreach leader for black trans men nationwide. Trey’s desire to create a visible home for him and other gay/bi Leathermen of color lead him to become one of the Founding Fathers of Onyx Northwest where his is currently serving as President.


Spencer Adam

Mr Powerhouse Leather 2018

Spencer Adam, a nominee of the San Francisco Leather Community Awards Next Generation Award, Mr Powerhouse Leather 2018 and producer of Stank, San Francisco’s ripest night, is a 15+ year kinkster and leatherman. He’s called San Francisco home for more than 10 years, where he’s developed his kink and affinity for wigs. A self described femme, top heavy switch, Spencer flags beige as his go to ‘hand shake’ in play.

With an affinity for long rimming sessions under the red and neon lights of San Francisco’s favorite play parties, to impact scenes on the Honey Soundsystem Dance Floor over Folsom, Spencer spends his time outside of work at the Fruit Stand… Apple…using his signature events and volunteer time to raise up the experience of our most marginal communities, spread awareness and share resources, and challenge his own biases attached to our most pressing social dialogues.

It was Spencer’s experience as a homeless teenager that put him on a 15+ year path of showing up, sharing out, and advocating for inclusion. Today, and everyday, this path continues on for him!



Mr SF Eagle 2019

There’s no place like home. A native Angelino, Manny Ojeda is a proud resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, home to his chosen family.

Currently Mr. SF Eagle Leather, Manny began his adult local community service with the 2018 Bare Chest Calendar benefitting Positive Resource Center. As an alumnus, he continues to remain involved as a judge, mentor and in a committee role within the organization.

Manny also serves on the Bears of San Francisco steering committee. He has also lent his efforts to AGUILAS, Tenderloin Tessie, Friends of Eagle Plaza, The Imperial Council of San Francisco, SF AIDS Foundation and is currently pledging ONYX Northwest. He’s been instrumental in helping to raise over $9,000 for said organizations, including through his quarterly Latinx party at the SF Eagle, Macho Macho XL.

A proud gay Latino, Manny is driven by the effort to spur and showcase diversity within our community. After all, isn’t variety essential in both our representation and in our kink?

Apart from his 32-ounce bottle of 9x6, Manny considers his 2019 Golden Dildeaux Award one of his most-valuable possessions to date, though wishes it wouldn’t leave behind so many splinters. You’d think the lube would help.

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