Bootblack Contest Components

Speech and Formal Wear (100 Points)

Contestants will give a speech no longer than two minutes on a topic of their choice. The speech does not have to be about bootblacking. The Contestants will also be judged on their formal leather look during this time.

Personal Interview (100 Points)

Contestants will have a 20 minute personal interview where they will answer questions posed to them by the Judging panel. The questions may be about any aspect of bootblacking, leather history, BDSM, or personal questions about the contestant. Contestants are not required to have a ‘platform,’ but questions from the judges may include plans for the contestant’s title year if they were to win. The interview is open to the public. Additionally the personal interview will be scored by the Mr SF Leather judges as well. The scores of the Mr Judges will be averaged for an additional 100 point score

Technical Boot & Technical Presentation (100 Points)

Contestants will bring a pair of boots in used, but not dire condition. They should be full leather, lace up, military style, paratrooper jump / combat boots. The tech boot should not need major restoration, cobbling, or restoration. Boots will be assigned a random number, and contestants will draw which boot they will be working on. Contestants will have 45 minutes to complete their technical shine. You may not use open flame except to singe stray strings. The technical shine will take place during the cocktail hour on Friday Night at 6pm.

Contestants will give a brief presentation on their technical boot. They will discuss the process, products used, challenges faced and any other information they deem important. Contestants will have no more than 7 minutes for the presentation. This will be followed by a short technical Q&A from the judges. The presentation will take place directly before the personal Interview.

Pop Question (75 Points)

Contestants will answer a pop question on stage during the main contest. These questions may be serious or may be humorous. The question may or may not be related to bootblacking. Contestants will not be informed of the question before it is read on stage.

Stand Time (75 Points)

Contestants will have their stand time judged. Judges will evaluate technical skills, product choices, and other technical choices the contestants make throughout the weekend. Contestants will have stands set up and be blacking at the formal dinner to serve the public, and their judges.

Demeanor and Interpersonal Skills (50 Points)

During the contestant’s stand time on Friday night, Judges will observe how they work a stand and how they interact with their clients.

They also have a score points in this area during the day of the contest and as they interact with attendees during the weekend. They are judged on how they conduct themselves throughout the weekend.

Total Points Possible

500 Points per bootblack judge. 100 points for the Personal Interview scored by the Mr SF Leather Judges. Total points possible 1600. Must score 1120 points to win the title.

Scoring System