Mr. SF Leather and SF Bootblack Contests move to a new weekend!

Mr. SF Leather and SF Bootblack Contests move to a new weekend!

Posted by Contest Producers on June 1, 2019
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In case you hadn’t heard – we’re moving the contest to August starting this year. Mid-year 2018 the timing of the contest as it related to IML came up. After much discussion, meetings, and proposals, it was decided that whoever won Mr. SF Leather 2019 would have the option of competing right away (May 2019) or wait until after their step down and compete May 2020. As you may know, Jawn competed this last May (1st Runner Up!). Therefore, the contest has moved to August (3rd weekend) 2019 for the 2020 titleholder year.

Why was it moved?

The contest has periodically moved over the years. The main impetus for this move was to give the current Mr. SF Leather more time to be in his title year and prep for IML during the 8 months.

Some additional side benefits:

  • Less rush for the feeder contests to happen and winners complete the application
  • More time in the feeder title before competing (if not an independent contestant)
  • No more hail during the contest weekend

After reviewing the calendar for competing events, the third weekend of August seemed to have the least amount of conflicting events.

This August’s contest will be just the Mr. SF Leather and SF Bootblack contests. There will be no usual weekend activities. The awards will continue to be held in the beginning of the year – watch for more information on that as things are planned!

As usual, anyone can submit an application to be a contestant that meets the qualifications. All the contestants that ran in March 2019 are eligible to run again – they are not only still in their feeder title year, but eligible (as they were before). The Mr. SF Leather contest will continue to be limited to 7 contestants. The SF Bootblack contest will be limited to 3 contestants.

We’ll start the contest off with the Meet and Greet at Mr. S on Friday night, then move over to the SF Eagle to do the fantasy grab bag portion. Saturday will be the interviews and the contest. The evening portion will contain the speeches and pop questions. And then stick around for dancing and social time after the event before you join any victory parties that may happen that night. Sunday we’ll celebrate our new titleholders! More information on how and when as plans come together.

We hope you join us this year August 16th – 18th to help celebrate Jawn and Allison’s title year (too short, we know!) and get to know another class of contestants!

Questions? Want to get involved? Comments? Email any time.

Mark your calendars!